Automated Excel Based Calculator for the West Bengal Govt Employees 6th Pay Commission ROPA 2019 vide notification No. 5562-F Dated 25/09/2019

 Click here to Download the Notification for ROPA 2019 complete guide by the W.B.Govt Finance Department

It appears that the various Blog Site or Web Site and also too much or Mobile Apps published about how to calculate your Salary through the ROPA 2019, they still now published the same and through misconduct to the all of the West Bengal Govt Employees.  It is also appearing that most of the Web Site or Blog Site published the Calculator which can not download and print for your office use. It is not possible to paste YouTube and Web Version to your Service Book, so how to get the calculation since 1/1/2016  as per the direction by the Finance Department Vide Notification No 5562-F Dated 25/09/2019.

In this regard, we have prepared an Automated Excel Based Calculator for ROPA 2019 as per the guidelines of the West Bengal Finance Department’s Notification. This Calculator can calculate your present Basic Pay and Present Gross Pay after effect the Rule ROPA 2019.

You can print the calculation sheet and keep it in your Service Book if you satisfied w.e.f. 1/1/2016 to on-wards.

Click here to Download Automated Excel Based Calculator for ROPA 2019 for the W.B.Govt Employees.

Feature of this Excel Utility

1) This Excel Utility easily download and save your system just like an Excel File.

2) This Calculator calculates your Salary fitment w.e.f. 1/1/2016 to Onwards

3) Easy to print the portion of your fixation calculation.

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